McJagger: A great name for Scottish Terriers

We ran across the highly original Scottie name McJagger in an article from Sarasota, Florida about how dogs there can now enter into restaurants’ outdoor terrace areas sparing them the indignity of being hitched up on the sidewalk outside.

And on the subject of dogs and stores, I recently needed to pick up a thriller at a local book store. The store had a sign barring drinks, ice cream cones and cell phones but nary a mention of pets. Well, I thought, one would think given the specificity of this list that they if they had meant to ban dogs, they would have. But, on the other hand, I didn’t want to get on these people’s bad side. So I poked my head inside and asked if I might bring my dog in. “Oh, yes,” they answered, “and may we give her a treat?”

Go figure.

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