More on Angus the Scottie dog’s cataract surgery

Earlier this week, Scottie News featured a photo of Angus, an Arizona Scottish Terrier, shortly after his eye surgery for diabetic induced cataracts. Nine-year-old Angus was diagnosed with diabetes in September of 2007. About a year later he developed the cataracts. His vision got progressively worse so his family had the cataracts in both eyes removed at Eye Care For Animals Inc. in Gilbert, AZ.

“Angus is one tough Scottie,” writes his owner Ken, who’s had 11 rescue Scotties since 1994 and currently has six. Although he looked really beat up in the first photo, three weeks after his operation, he was back to normal save for some sutures on his eyelids. “How do I know?” asked Ken. “He is just about back to his usual SNOTTY SCOTTIE ways. He follows small objects with his eyes, turns and looks directly at you when called and is making life miserable for the other Scotties.”

In his most recent email, Ken (shown above with Angus and his vets) said, “You would not know he had eye surgery. His vision appears perfect. He can see movement both distant and near seemingly as well as he was as a puppy. In my opinion cataract surgery is not elective. The outcome is blindness. I am glad Eye Care for Animals had the professionals needed to help Angus.”

Below is a good view of Angus’ Dexcom Wireless Glucose Monitor.

An article on Angus’ health issues should appear in the Sept/Oct 2009 issue of Great Scots magazine. In the mean time, here’s video of him and the other rescue Scotties, Ken and his family have adopted.

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  1. Today is my birthday, and I can't think of a better present than to see one of our beloved Scotties having a new chance for more wonderful life!

  2. This is an inspiring story with a wonderful ending. I am so very happy for Angus, and for the generous hearts of his family. That video said it all! Thanks for sharing it with us,

    Forever An'GUSmom

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