Osama Bin Laden kills puppies too

As he promotes a new book that will be released this fall, Osama’s son Omar Bin Laden was interviewed by the New York Daily News:

Omar, 28, describes weeping as a teenager when told that Al Qaeda needed his pets to conduct chemical warfare tests.

“After I learned the truth about the puppies, I turned even further away from my father,” whose jihad led only to death, Omar writes in the book set for release by St. Martin’s Press later this year.

It has been widely reported that Bin Laden’s goons tested nerve agents at the Derunta camp in Afghanistan. In 2002, CNN obtained and showed video of dogs – fully grown – being gassed by visible toxic fumes.

Some bloggers have speculated that Omar must be making this up since Islam prohibits dog ownership among Muslims, but I think you’d have to be pretty silly to conjure up some imaginary puppies and murder them off to generate favourable PR. In any case, I’m sure the true puppy story will eventually emerge.

In the mean time, read up on Scottie Newspast coverage of ex-Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf’s dogs.