Party like you’re a Rocky Creek Scottish Terrier

A dog’s 12th birthday party has inspired me to get out and get some cake for supper.

Sweet Cottage Dreams has a picture of all the Scotties in party hats and plenty of other good Scottish terrier stuff. Check it out while you’re there. In your next life, you’ll want to live at this cottage,

3 thoughts on “Party like you’re a Rocky Creek Scottish Terrier

  1. YAY… it's Kirks 10th (and thus 70th) birthday on wednesday. We are having a big party, (any excuse I'm afraid!) Kirk is getting steak instead of cake and we have invited other dogs, who will get some too. Bar-b-q for humans and a walk in the park for everyone … depending on weather!


  2. Happy Birthdays to all our Scots Brithrun & Ceilidh is having a little 1st Birthday party Aug. 2 too!

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