Scottish Terrier worries about owners’ engagement

Check out this photo of a Scottish Terrier who seems less than thrilled about family wedding nuptials to come. Then tell the Scottie News if you think he’s Brittany or Andrew’s dog.

I’m thinking he’s Andrew’s buddy and not wild about the new step mom.

3 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier worries about owners’ engagement

  1. I'm going with her dog. A guy would never think to bring a dog to his engagement photo shoot where as I think it's the kind of thing a sentimental girl would do. I may be wrong, cuz I've seen guys bring their big ole hunting dogs to some mighty strange places. And it might be 'their' dog? Heck, it might even be the photographers dog and just used as a cute prop. Inquiring minds want to know more!

  2. 'scuse me? I take my Scottie everywhere but the doctor's office. And I don't think he's 'wondering' about securing his position as top dog – he's ready to fight to KEEP it!

    Just some observations from a devoted Scottie ownee.


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