5 thoughts on “A slice of Scottish Terrier breed history

  1. I collect Scottie stamps as I am a card maker. I have to say, that a couple are based on some really old artwork of the breed. When you look at a photo like this, you can see how different our beloved kilted wonders are from the genesis of the breed.

    It makes you wonder if breeding them to look like we like them now, is worth so many of the heartbreaking medical conditions that plague our breed, and for that matter, most other purebreeds.

    Just a why is the sky blue thought…

  2. Maybe I'm the odd woman out, but I think the Scotties today are much handsomer….. I love their big heads and the long beards. Also, I would have thought that the Westies in this picture were white scotties… they all have that long pointy face…

  3. The Breed Standard for the Scottish Terrier really hasn't changed much (clarified mainly) since the breed was recognized and responsible breeders are striving to keep this hardy working dog sound and structured to this archtypical description. With new technology, diseases historically afflicting all breeds of dogs have now been defined, recognized and now named…and many breakthroughs have been made to cure these diseases. The main difference I see between my Scotties and those in the photo is the grooming! Hair fashions have changed along with the typical lifestyle of the modern Scottie. If mine were actively burrowing down holes to kill vermin and had their coats filled with weeds and stickers rather than lounging on my feather bed and chasing a ball all day, I think I'd groom mine to look very much like the working Scotties in that old photo.

  4. My mother in law has been into Scotties and Westies her entire life (now 85) and she tells us when she was young Scotties were called Aberdeen Terriers and they had slightly longer legs and some other differences and basically resembled those in the photo more and that Westies also had longer legs and noses and that the dogs have been bred over the years to be smaller & with more exaggerated features. Of course you do still see different types but our Teagan does not look much like these, on the other hand our Ceilidh (wheaten) does look like these Westies!

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