Thank goodness Cheerio’s not a Scottish Terrier

New York Governor David Paterson’s Maltese, Cheerio, is developing a bad reputation as a biter, the New York Times reports.

The (governor’s) spokeswoman, Marissa Shorenstein, confirmed that in addition to (recently) attacking (a) carpenter, Cheerio has bitten a state trooper and perhaps one other person since moving into the executive mansion in 2008.

The New York Post, which reported the incident Friday, said that the dog had also bitten an elevator worker and a painter at the residence.

Ms. Shorenstein said Cheerio is not a troublemaker. But interviews with people who have petted or played with him or heard his piercing bark reveal that Cheerio can be something of a menace.

“It certainly didn’t seem like the kind of dog you’d want to reach out and pet,” said one Republican staff member in Albany, who, like most people interviewed about Cheerio’s disposition, declined to speak on the record out of fear of further antagonizing the pooch.

So far Cheerio hasn’t caused his owners to be hospitalized as did ex-French president Jacques Chirac’s vicious Maltese.

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  1. Hi Ann B, I'd be happy to let you reprint the bacon Scottie article. Even though I was trying to make a pig, it really did come out like a Scottish Terrier! I just dont want your readers thinking I'm burning bacon effigies of Scotties for fun 🙂

    Greg B.

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