Total chillax: Scottish Terrier Angus at the beach

A video to put you in the vacation frame of mind. (Unless your mind starts flashing back to Jaws)

4 thoughts on “Total chillax: Scottish Terrier Angus at the beach

  1. This could be my Angus!! Although, I have never let him roam off-leash. I am very tempted but also very paranoid that he will take off after something…

  2. So many things come to mind in watching the video….. one has to be from “back home” Britain somewhere I am Scottish…..the beautiful sounds of the ocean and the sand ….it was great to watch Angus just toddle around in the shallow water and listen to the beautiful rippling noise so theraputic. Angus was a treat to watch.
    I would love to hear where it was taken….

    Look forward to more

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