When is a Scottish Terrier fully grown?

A reader writes:

Our beloved Scottie Angus passed away in March. He would have been 11 years and 7 months old if he had lived two more days. My heart was broken. He was mommy’s little shadow. Now we have another beautiful furbaby. He is a wheaten named Seumas. Seumas will be 5 months old on the 13th of July. Seumas is going to be much smaller than our Angus. Angus was a big boy 17 1/2 inches from base of neck to base of tail and he weighed 30 pounds.

Seumas only weighs 11 pounds and 13 ounces now. It is has been so long since I had a scottie baby that I cannot remember how long it takes them to get their full growth. Can you tell me? Our wonderful vet says that Seumas will never reach 20 pounds. I do believe he is going to be a little boy. He is really a great big doggie in a little dogge suit. LOL I’m know you know what I mean.

Seumas is in private obedience classes and only has a couple of more to go. We have had rain this week and that stand/stay is just out of our reach. He wants to either go down or keep on walking. LOL

Any help you can give me about the growth time will be greatly appreciated.

Hmm, well, he’s still got some growing to do. I would say Scotties stop growing at about 15 months and that the growth really slows down at six months. I like the way Marjorie Flack explains it in Angus and the Cat, but maybe one of our readers can give us the scientific version.

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  1. Dear Seumas' Mom:
    Happy to hear you have a new love in your life that will augment the memories you made with dear Angus. It's always a heartbreak to have to say 'goodbye'.

    Here's what I would say about this new Scot in your life…all dogs continue to grow in one form or another until they are two years old. At close to that age, you can pretty much tell the size and specs of your canine.

    Angus was a very big boy. Scottie standards still say a dog should run less than 20 and a bitch 15 to 16. However, many American line Scotties are becoming quite large which is causing a lot of back and forth among breeders who really wish to maintain the integrity and specs of our beloved terriers. Scotties bred in England and Europe are still close to spec size.

    So, your new baby may not be small; he may simply be closer to spec size.

    Not too long ago, my dogs Rory & Fiona were pictured here…go back a couple of entries to the reader's dogs…the section about two together…they're the first shot. They'll be four at the end of this month…and Rory the wheaten is 18 lbs while Fiona is a hair over 16. Rory is longer in the back and snout…which seems pretty typical for the wheaten Scotties.

    Regardless of their size we love our Scottish Terriers. And, you will adore the compact nature of your new boy, I just know it!

    Happy Days To You Both!

  2. My three rescue Scotties all came at different ages. The "puppies" grew at different rates but seem to "thicken" after 1. Mac was 4 months and 8 pounds when he came.He was full height at 1 year but it was another 6 months before he reached a solid but lean 20 pounds.
    Bentley was 1 year when he joined the pack but grew 10 pounds and two inches within the first six months after coming to us.He is a giant 28 pounds- and not an ounce of fat on him. I hope he has stopped- the bed is getting crowded!
    Hannah Grace, we think was 3 years when she joined Mac and me and full grown.She's the Delicate Diva at 20 pounds.
    I think that Scotties are more like large dogs and take at least 18 months to 2 years to fully mature and get their full bone and muscle structure.The boys certainly gained bone after a year- both of their heads grew and their legs gained bone mass.
    Exercise the new baby, feed him high quality dog food and enjoy watching him grow and change. Who cares how big or small he is? It's pure love in a fur suit.
    PS Think about rescuing a friend for him now. Two aren't any more trouble than one but they are twice the fun!

  3. In my experience, they are at least 2 years old before reaching their adult weight. AKC standards state that a male should weigh 19-22 pounds and a bitch from 18-21 pounds. The most important thing for a pet Scottie is to have balance. Enjoy your young man.

    If you email me at rockycreekscotties@yahoo.com, I will be glad to email you a growth chart for Scotties.


  4. My Angus is a big boy. He was six months old and 20 pounds when he came to live with us. He is now three and at last weigh-in (January) he weighed 34 pounds! He loves to eat. We have since cut back on his dog food and supplemented it with vegetables (green beans, lettuce, carrots, even cucumbers!) which both he and Ozzie love! We are now beginning to see somewhat of a waist line. I don't understand how Scotties, at least mine, can only weigh 20 pounds. He is built like a bulldog, very muscular. Ozzie (a Westie) is a perfect 18 pounds according to the AKC but he is a completely different build, much smaller than Angus. They are both healthy, and that's all that matters to me.

  5. My Scottie boy is a very stocky dog and is now 7 months and weighs 26lbs!!
    He is solid muscle and incredibly athletic for such a big dog, I just hope he slows down soon with the growth….

  6. We adopted Brodie @ 8 years old and he was a robust 30 lbs then. He's stayed around that weight since then. He seems to be a big scotty and not fat. Our 17 year old, Bucca has hovered near the more classic size of 20 lbs.

  7. When we lost our An'GUS, I thought I would never get over the pain. I have found ways to honor his life and all the joy he gave me. Meanwhile, we have 3 youngsters, and they are all small! Roger is 15#, Magic is 16# and Elliott is 12#. My An'GUS weighted 22#. I think that like people, they all look a bit different. As long as they look approximately like a Scottie, I'm happy. LOL! Enjoy Seamas! Take lots of pix and vids!

  8. My scottie Angus is only 5months old., and he’s about 8 inches off the ground.., I was told that they should get to be about 12 inches in height? is this right? His legs are SO LITTLE, he can go up the stairs, which makes me laugh each time, because he goes so fast… but he cannot go down., which makes it difficult for house training. I wonder, how tall do they get., and how long are their little legs at full grown. When did your Scottie start going down the stairs.? thanks for any replies.

    1. it took both my scotties a while to come downstairs tilly has short legs and didn’t master downstairs till about 8 months as Marley has longer legs but still took till he was about 7 months she’ll get there in the end my tilly comes down stairs a little sideways sometimes whereas Marley now just flys up and down them

    2. We got our little guy at four months. He too had no trouble going up the stairs, but he was scared to go down them. I finally decided to show him it wasn’t scary. I would carry him down to the fourth step from the bottom, sit him down, then give him a little pat/push on his bottom and he would run down. I did this several times. The next day I put him down on the step fifth from the bottom, and didn’t even have to “encourage” him. By the end of that day, there was no stopping him! 🙂

  9. Why is it, that scotties should not be groomed until they are months? mine is so bushy, and it’s so hot out., he plays in the water all the time, usually with the hose in his mouth, but, I’d like to get him cut sooner, he’s 5 months now.

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