Where were you on July 20th 1969?

I was 10 years old and had never really gotten the whole space thing so my father, who had picked me up at summer camp earlier that day, had to force me to stay awake and watch. We were at a hotel at Mont Tremblant and TV up north was crackly and snowy even at the best of times so I had no idea whether the reception was bad because it was the moon or the Chalet des Chutes. It was good enough however that I got to hear Neil Armstrong say, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Funnily enough, it was one of the few times my late father was ever a disciplinarian. Thanks Dad, if you had let me sleep I would still be regretting it.

2 thoughts on “Where were you on July 20th 1969?

  1. I was watching along with you. And, holding my grandmother's hand because being from the old country, she was fairly certain the world was going to end. Seriously afraid we'd just blow up.

    After the landed, and we didn't end…then she decided it was, "no real!"

    Nanny, The World's Meanest Woman, I tell ya!

  2. I graduated High School in 1969 and was at my boyfrieds house watching this on his TV. His Dad wasn't home, and I got in big trouble for being their without a chaperone. I think I'm still grounded!

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