Are Scottish Terriers stupid, dumb, IQ challenged?

Some people think so. We’ll deal with this controversial question later today.

Update: Exhausted due to be woken last night by Scottie/kitten spat. This post will be delayed by a day. See you then.

10 thoughts on “Are Scottish Terriers stupid, dumb, IQ challenged?

  1. This will be interesting. Just to get it rolling my two cents is: I have had a lot of dogs in my life and while a Scottie is not as easy to train they are VERY bright dogs. I always find the smarter dogs are a challenge to train as they have a mind of their own! Once you get a bond with them I've found they will do most anything you ask of them. But… maybe that's just my experience.

  2. While i sometime question my Scottie's intelligences. I do think Scotties are pretty smart. My Scottie (Connie McCloud)in one of her smarter moments moved a pillow around to giver her just enough height to jump up on to the coffee table, than jump across to the chair where her bone was. But then again, i have seem times where she tries and tries and tries to do something by doing the same thing over and over and over again and of course always producing the same results of failure.

    So I don't know.

  3. This last comment isn't the same "Anonymous" as yesterday, I take it?? That person didn't sound like you at all. I don't really think that commentator from yesterday should be given the oxygen of more attention, which is plainly all they were after. They probably diss on other sites just to stir people up.

    OF COURSE Scotties aren't stupid. I think they are intelligent but also complex and with hidden depths. I would have said "except for my Ceilidh" who's just turned 1, but recently we were visiting my grandparents and my Grandma unfortunately is not well (which she had tried to hide from us). Ceilidh had only just met her but sat with her with her ears down and laid by her feet – she said "she tried to help me feel better". We call her a little airhead but this was another side of her. Not saying this is unique to Scotties but I think they do have great sensitivity.

  4. To TCMUM, I'm today's "anonymous" and NO, I didn't leave any other post that was negative to a Scottie. I would NEVER. I am just in love with these little dogs! Anyway, you brought up a good point about yours' sensitivity – out little girl knows what type of mood you are in before you even open your mouth, etc. and adjusts hers to suit yours. It's truly amazing. (I only had one other dog in my life that was like that and it was a Labrador.) She senses when you need her to be a clown, a buddy, or a caretaker – she really does. I think these dogs get a raw deal as they are amazing little animals to me. And not at ALL stupid. : )

  5. I don't think I've ever had a dumb dog. I've had challenges for sure, but none of them were stupid. Willfull and stubborn maybe. Hardheaded was a term that came to mind over 1 German Shepard. Incorrigible over a Cairn. But we had both of those dogs are very busy times of our lives, and neither of us were able to devote the time to properly train those dogs. It didn't mean the dogs were stupid or couldn't learn, it meant we failed them. Did we love them any less? No. Did we harm them or toss them away? No. Well, the Cairn we did give away finally to our yard guy, cuz he just loved her to pieces and they had bonded over the years and it was at a weak moment when I was chasing her once again around the neighborhood after she dug out for the umpteenth time. Our scottie is a smart dog and now that the 5 kids are grown, we had plenty of time to work with her when she was small. I wouldn't even say she was hard to train. She is a dog and has prey instincts, so you need to keep her on a leash at all times or she will bolt after a squirrel or a cat. So I vote no….Scotties are not stupid, dumb or IQ challenged. They are loyal, fierce and protective. Don't be messing with my pack or the jaws of death will be flashing at you!

  6. I can honestly say that Jock is the smartest Scottie I've ever had. Early on in leash training, I would reward him when he would walk up and sit next to me when I stopped. He has now figured out that if he stops, it will make me stop, whereupon he can run up and sit next to me for his treat. Dumb? Hardly!

  7. I've often thought that people confuse intelligence in a dog with train ability. Scotties have been bred to work alone, without human intervention. That stubborn streak in the breed is probably the result of such breeding, it is what I like best about them. As far as Mandy is concerned, my "commands" are a matter for consideration, not necessarily obedience. She cracks me up. Rufus knows when he has done something he shouldn't have, his ears and tail go down without me saying a word or making a gesture. We've had 3 Scotties, and the one common trait consistently displayed by the three of them is that independent spirit. I'm the one who was easily trainable. I don't consider it a negative reflection on me if my Scots ignore me. The pleasure of being around these characters is a highlight of my life.

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