Aren’t the Scots supposed to be sensible, like their dogs?

I’m thinking that even if the Scottish government seems to have lost its marbles, the people still have theirs. It’s my bet that not only is the Scottish government going to fall over the release of the Lockerbie bomber but that it’s going to be the end of Gordon Brown as well.

6 thoughts on “Aren’t the Scots supposed to be sensible, like their dogs?

  1. You wonder why they would open up such a wound after so many years. I worked with a physician who lost a daughter on that flight. And, though I'm just a spectator to the sadness…I can't help but be very sad for everyone.

    And, very, very disappointed in the Scottish government. Not the Scots, for I'm certain that the average citizen there is as saddened and frustrated by the decision as we are.

  2. Apparently some people in the US are now pushing for a boycott of Scottish goods (calling Scotch Whiskey Freedom Liquor??!). Hopefully the boycott does not extend to the Scottish Terrier!

    This does seem like a baffling decision but although this was the only person to have been held responsible the guilty will probably never be brought to justice anyway. Of course it was not only Americans who died but there doesn't seem to be an outcry in the UK(??) (unfortunately, as if nothing else, it would be good if this was the last straw for Brown…)

  3. As a UK person, our outcry is mingled somewhat with confusion over who decided what tcmum? The BBC tells us that both the UK and the US goverment where very much aware of what was going to happen and making decisions about the outcome … now everyone seems outraged and happy to blame the Scotts. So what politcal agenda was being played?. Do we believe the media or the Politicians … I'm not sure anymore???
    As for punishing the hard working Scottish people for political decisions by boycotting Scottish goods,(especially when the Scotts lost so many themselves.) I hope people are not so silly as to go along with it?
    I'm off to the Isle of Arran this friday with Kirk … we shall enjoy the hospitality, the great company and warm welcome that takes me back to Scotland every year.

  4. Hi Tegan,
    I wasn't advocating the boycott by any means but it seems to be the reaction whenever some policy/decision etc. made by some person/authority in a non-US country is taken exception to. I don't agree either and also hope it comes to nowt. The media could be blowing that bit out of proportion(?). Although yes I've since noted that now speculation is growing as to just whose decision was it and how far did it go?? Hmmm. Anyway have a lovely holiday! Our Scottie-Teagan is very true to her roots & would probably love a Scottish holiday to escape the heat! 🙂

  5. Hope you have a lovely time on Arran Tegan. I live on the west coast near Arran and should warn you that our weather has been very mixed! My Macintosh is loving it, the colder the better for him! But I don't suppose people holiday in Scotland for the weather.

    I think the scottish/british are being realistic. As tcmum said there was more than one person responsible and a lot more happened regarding Lockerbie than we will ever know.

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