How the first openly gay prez came to have a Scottie

Back last month the Scottish Terrier and Dog News reported on Talons of the Condor, a novel about the first openly gay president of the United States, who, like a number of straight presidents before him, was a Scottie lover.

The Scottie News was able to obtain an interview with author John Simpson in which he gave us the back story. Mary, the fictional president’s Scottie who is, was modelled on the author’s eponymously named heart dog who died at age seven and is shown above on her last Christmas. “I try to bring her personality out whenever I mention her in my books. It’s a way of keeping her alive. It makes me feel good,” said Simpson, whose latest novel is his second about President David J. Windsor. “Mary was special from the start. ”

Simpson, who has had Scotties for more than 25 years and currently lives with his sixth, seventh and eighth dogs, describes the breed as being “little in size only.”
Author John Simpson with Christopher
And what does Simpson think of the non-fictional Scotties who have occupied the White House? FDR’s “Fala was the most famous dog in the world.” But he didn’t have to put up with what Bush’s Barney did. “I don’t blame him for biting the reporter. You get sick of having mikes shoved in your face.” As for overlooked Miss Beasley, Simpson sees an upside: “She didn’t get dumped on her head by Bush either.”
Order Talons of the Condor here and see Mary on the book jacket.