If this Scottish Terrier looks familiar…

there’s a good reason.

Many thanks to Steve for sending the Scottie News this 1950s vintage poster.

3 thoughts on “If this Scottish Terrier looks familiar…

  1. I have a burning or at least hot Scottie topic- has anybody flown with their Scottie recently? Most airlines say they are limiting to 15 lbs and under- but some of the airline approved bags say up to 22 pounds. I have a very-well behaved 22 pound Scottie and I wonder if we could make it on the plane? Not sure of how much of a trauma it would be for a Scottie very accustomed to car travel and going to new places. Thanks in advance for any thoughts, advice, etc.

  2. Lovely poster! British rail did a series of these over the years featuring Scotties as some of us probably know!

    To Anonymous: We flew with a puppy in October last year but with our approx. 20 lb Scottie 2 years ago (transatlantic!) The issue then didn't seem to be the weight but the size of the bag. Maybe the 15 lbs is not so much enforced but a guideline for size of dog that would fit under the seat in a carrier and they wouldn't make an issue if the dog actually weighed a few pounds more. You'd have to check first with the airline I guess. We didn't find it was traumatic for them even for our puppy who'd never been anywhere before, they just kind of "hunkered down" until it was over with. People were surprised to see us carrying them out that they'd been completely unaware there was a dog on board. Good luck!

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