In memory of Bucca, beloved Scottish Terrier princess

Tim, one of Bucca’s owners and a Scottie News reader, writes to tell us of the death of this much loved 17-year-old Scottie. In the notes accompanying the video, his girlfriend wrote:

With sad hearts and tear filled eyes we said goodbye to Bucca August 2, 2009.

I will never forget the day we met. I had intended to choose a scottish terrier puppy to come home with me and instead she climbed into my lap, licked my nose and chose me.

There are so many memories she’s given me. The way she would swim in the bath tub. Her love of fallen leaves. How she use to hide my socks under her pillow. The way she would predict thunderstorms. Too many to possibly name.

She shared seventeen amazing years with me. She made me laugh, made me feel love and always made me feel loved. One of the things about Bucca that never ceased to amaze me is how she always knew if something was troubling me and would be at my side. She was an incredible source of comfort at those times when life isn’t so easy, which is whyI dedicate this song, Bridge Over Troubled Waters, to her.

(Sail on silver girl and thank you. You’re no longer at my side but you’ll always be in my heart.)

Bucca last appeared on the Scottie News almost two years ago.

RIP from all our readers.

10 thoughts on “In memory of Bucca, beloved Scottish Terrier princess

  1. "Your time has come to sail all your dreams along their way…"

    While your hearts are broken and full of memories, know that all of us are wishing you well. And, hope that you can rejoice in a rare gift of one of our braw Scots living 17 years of love and life!

    You give all the rest of us hope that our adored Highlanders will be with us…and we wish you well.

  2. I cried and cried. I put acomment under Name's as Maggie's Tribute the other day and I've just lost my cairn terrier Maggie, two weeks to the day. i still have my scottie Angus who I love more than anything in the world but knowing we have both suffered a loss, and seeing those photos, well I am still teary. May Maggie and Bucca rest in peace. Our hearts with them forever…

  3. I'm so so sorry for your loss. I, too, cried when I read it. Be thankful that you got to spend all 17 years with Bucca. I pray too, that one day you will all be together again. Until then, she will always be in your heart and your memories.

  4. Thanks for all the very nice thoughts… We know that Bucca was a very special dog and we were very lucky that that she had such a long life. And condolences to Maggie's family too. It's been about 3 weeks here since Bucca left us and I still get choked up thinking about her. I only knew her the last 5 years of her life and feel very lucky to have known her even that little bit.


  5. That was a touching tribute. I can only hope my years with Owen (now 4 months old) are as wonderfl as yours were.

  6. I lost my precious Scottie “Duncan” in 2010. Devastating. This was a lovely video. I believe with all my heart we will see them again. Why would God only grant us such an amazing love and not allow it to be eternal? I believe they will be there. He and my westies and dogs before them were always great true loves. Bless you all

  7. Sorry for your loss. my heart goes out to you. I also am a proud owner of a scottie his name is the Cub and he is my best friend.

  8. I know how you feel but I just hold on to those good memories on my scottie…she was only 8 when she passed and I have never been the same since…best wishes and good memories of your precious scottie…reneesuki on ebay ^.^

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