Our readers have great looking Scottish Terriers

Baywatch Scotties

Logan(top and middle rows) and Brodie (bottom left) play by the shore
while Buster the Westie keeps cool in the water.

Ebony and Ivory teams

Radley the Scottie and Buster the Westie (left) play a little
tug-of-leash, while Stormy the Scottie and his Westie companion
take a nap together.

A face to kill for…

Clockwise from top left: Tobik, Cambria, Lexie and Brodie(bottom left)
Can you resist those faces?

Santa’s little helpers

Cambria(left) unwraps her Christmas presents and Stormy looks both
naughty and nice.

Spring awakening

Fergie (top and bottom left), Abby (middle left), Blu (middle right)
and Bentley(bottom right) all love frolicking on the grass.

A tired Scottie is a good one

Cambria (left) and Brodie (right) need their beauty sleep.

Terrier loyalty

Eleven week old Bailey (left) snuggles up to Anne and rescue
Scottie Bentley is cuddled by Steve.

Terrific Trios

Top row: Breezy, Frosty and Flurry, the Ontario Westies.
Bottom row: Monty, Maggie and Brody.

Snowy and sunny

Tobik revels in the snow and a sweet Westie channels Van Gogh.

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  1. It's so funny to look through these pictures because I'm always thinking one of the other pooches is Fergie! They look so similar, it cracks me up! Thanks for posting her pics up here!

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