Rescue Scottish Terrier Garden Party: Wish I had been there

From across the pond, Deborah writes:

I am not sure if this is the right sort of Scottie news for your blog but the Scottish Terrier Emergency Care Scheme (STECS) had their annual Garden Party last Sunday, 9th August. Over 400 people and their Scotties attended the event in Lancashire, UK – some photos have been loaded onto their website . It was a great afternoon, including a fun dog show with a fancy dress parade. One of my rescue Scotties (Blu pictured in the photo) won first prize in the “dog the judge would most like to take home” class, so I was very happy!

Please rest assured there’s nothing I like better than an English garden party with gin and tonics and tea sandwiches and, oh yes, Scotties. Please invite me next year and I will try to attend on behalf of the Scottish Terrier and Dog News.


Scottish Terrier Media Magnate

P.S. When are you all going to post some fabulous new rescue stories? The one about the dog in the lottery commercial is one of my all-time favourites.

3 thoughts on “Rescue Scottish Terrier Garden Party: Wish I had been there

  1. STECS is a wonderful organisation, we were members when lived in the UK. Sadly we never made it to their picnics, they were always way up North! You can keep up with their resuce stories on their website:

  2. The STECS Garden Party this year was the most successful ever, and raised £8700 to help Scotties in need.

    I may be just a bit biased, but I think Blu has a really sweet face too!

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