Scottish Terrier mixes including Scolands, Bushlands, ScotChis, Pugotties, Skorkies and more

Your ultimate guide to Scottish Terrier designer dogs otherwise known as hybrids. Informations on Scolands, Bushlands, ScotChis, Scotchons, Scoodles, Doxie Scots, Scottish Cockers, Scotti Apsos, Pugotties, Scottish-Skyes, Skorkies and more.

Scoland Terrier

  • Scottish Terrier/West Highland Terrier mix
  • Registered with the ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club)
  • More information, here

Our comments: The Scottie genes seem to outweigh the Westie. Why not just get a Scottie?

scoland terrier, originally uploaded by mervyn12r. scoland terrier, originally uploaded by mervyn12r.
John Paul, originally uploaded by dwfeath.
Bushland Terrier

  • Cairn Terrier/Scottish Terrier mix
  • Registered with the ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club)
  • More information, here
Our comments: Another very Scottie-ish looking hybrid. Given that Cairns have fewer genetic problems than Scotties and Westies, this mix is probably not a bad idea.

George, originally uploaded by dwfeath.

Video featuring an eight week old Bushland Terrier puppy

ScotChi /Taco Terrier

  • Chihuahua/Scottish Terrier mix
  • Registered with the ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club)
Our comments: Not a looker but as you can see from the previous coverage, the Taco Terriers have a devoted following.

A three month old ScotChi:


  • Scottish Terrier/Bichon Frisé mix
  • Registered with the ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club)
  • More information, here


  • Poodle/Scottish Terrier
  • Registered with the ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club) (Designer Dog Kennel Club)
  • More information, here

The full sized pictures of Clarabel Dolores are available here

Check out a Scoodle and a miniature schnauzer playing together

Doxie Scot

  • Dachshund/Scottish Terrier mix
  • Registered with the ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club)
  • More information here

The Boys, portrait 1, originally uploaded by Blogorelli.
The Scottie in this video has just birthed 7 Doxie Scots

Scottish Cocker

  • Cocker Spaniel/Scottish Terrier mix
  • Registered with the ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club)
  • More information here

Scotti Apso

  • Lhasa Apso/Scottish Terrier mix
  • Registered with the ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club)
  • More information here


  • Pug/Scottish Terrier mix
  • Registered with the ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club)
  • More information here

Maci the pugottie:

Scottish-Skye Terrier

  • Skye Terrier/Scottish Terrier mix
  • Registered with the ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club)
  • More information here


  • Yorkshire Terrier/Scottish Terrier mix
  • Registered with the ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club)
  • More information here

Other Scottie Hybrids include:

  • Basscottie – Basset Hound/Scottish Terrier
  • Scobo Terrier – Boston Terrier/Scottish Terrier
  • Cavottish – Cavalier King Charles/Scottish Terrier
  • Scottese – Maltese/Scottish Terrier
  • Scottinese – Pekingese/Scottish Terrier
  • Sco-Shi – Shih Tzu/Scottish Terrier
  • Skilky Terrier – Silky Terrier/Scottish Terrier
  • Scottish Fox Terrier – Wire Fox Terrier/Scottish Terrier

29 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier mixes including Scolands, Bushlands, ScotChis, Pugotties, Skorkies and more

  1. It all makes my head hurt. I'm one of those who can't stand to put my crayons back in the box wrong, so you have to know…these make my head hurt!

  2. I will probably get shouted down by people whose babies are DD's but as the list went on it made me feel a bit uncomfortable. Not so much the similar mixes like the Scoland (I prefer "Westscot") and the Bushland which as you say may reduce some of the genetic problems but when you get people purposely mixing very different breeds just to get funny combinations it's appealing to people who buy it just for novelty/faddishness. Unless I'm mistaken the purpose is not to diminish problematic traits of any one breed but to retain the exaggerated characteristics of each. Quite alot of this goes on in puppy mills of course. There again some people object to "pure" dog breeding too so is this really "more" exploitative? Not sure. Maybe I should just say it makes my head hurt too!! 🙂

  3. I think bad breeding is bad breeding whether it's done by purebred breeders or breeders hoping to cash in on the designer dog fad.

    I will add a link to an old post on avoiding puppy mills so that no matter which kind of dog someone wants they will know what to avoid.

    Given the way past discussions on this subject have gone, I think some of us are just going to have to agree to disagree.

    If you have any suggestions, please add them. I think we all have dogs' best interests at heart.

  4. I have to say that I find the Westie-Scot mix, and the Cairn-Scot mix, not unattractive. Let´s face it people, a century ago you could get all three breeds registered from the same dam. It might be an idea to mix up the gene pool again so as to save our beloved scots.

    Hearesy for some I know, but as we all know our pups are not the healthiest breed on earth.

  5. The Scoland (aka WestScot) and the Bushland — work for me. But the ScotCHI was scarey, and the Scoodle made me very sad –when I saw the pic of the dog all grown up and unkempt and looking sad. The others — I won't even go there!

  6. Let me assure you that Pepper the ScotChi is a much-loved dog. Her owner Bonnie is a regular reader of the Scottie News and raves about her Taco Terrier's great personality. She's also happy to acknowledge that Pepper is no super model for what it's worth.

    As for Shaggy the Scoodle, we never did discover if that shot was photoshopped to produce a Frankenstein monster.

  7. Used to be there were "purebreds" and "mixed breeds." Now they are all "designer dogs." I have nothing against either, I've owned both. However, I think this whole designer dog thing has gotten waaay out of hand. As far as I am concerned, a Scottie is a Scottie is a Scottie, and a Westie is a Westie, and a "designer dog" is a mixed breed. The sad part is people are paying way too much money for a mixed breed when the shelters are overflowing with them.

  8. Hi, Pepper the ScotChi's "Mom" here! She's still wonderful and I still adore her. Pepper has a Dogbook page now if anybody wants to stop by and be friends, see some different photos there.

    I know that I'll never find another Pepper, never ever. She's so unique. She is funny-looking, but more than a few folks have told me that she's the "cutest dog they have ever seen" – Wow! All I can say is that her breeding was quite accidental – she, her mother (blk Scot) and father (yellow Chi) were all dumped off at a dog pound in Los Angeles together, Pepper found her way to Northern CA via a rescue agency and then on to me – and I'm so, so lucky to have her. I'm still looking for a Scottie to love, always will be looking for one, but I just can't spend $1,000 on one so, oh well. I'll keep looking. Meanwhile, Pepper and I have to go check the woodhouse for mice now!! Favorite new activity!

  9. Hi Just popped on your site to read scottie mixes I have a Scottie cross wheaton terrier and she is just adorable, shes quite small 7.7kgs black but has a white beard and a white bit on her neck and down ears.
    Just wondered if you have heard of this mix before ?

  10. I have a Scottish Terrier/Jack Russell Terrier mix that we got from a pet shop about 13 years ago, and he's the best dog you could ever want. A friend of mine wants one just like him, but we can't even seem to find a listing for this mix anywhere. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Hi,

      We have just bought a Scottie/Russell Mix. All Gone im afraid.

      Do you have any useful hints/tips for us? She is a handful, but is really clever and has a great little personality. Glad to hear of there longevity.



  11. I recently met a “Scojack” (Scottie x Jack Russel Terrier). The owners said they mixed the Scottie with the Jack in hopes that ‘the Scottie’s low energy level will help to even out the Jack Russel’s high energy’. Not sure where they’re getting their information from (my Scotties are anything by low energy), but I guess it’s good in theory.

    But maybe in reality they just added the Scottish Terrier jaws to the Jack’s high energy… uh-oh…

  12. Fergus is a mutt. He’s a cross – not a Scoland! He’s a ScottiexWestie – I bought him knowing this – I abhor the idea of designer dogs. Scotties are not a popular breed here and we see so few of them here and when I came across Fergus for sale I went to see and fell for him. I have yet to find where the Westie part of him is hiding though – the more I read of the two breeds/watch I see no Westie and all Scottie – but more than anything he is his own dog. Most people think he’s a Scottie but I am always honest and say he’s a mutt – a lovely, adorable funny mutt.

    Interesting post though – never realised there were so many Scottie X’s about.

  13. A “designer dog” is just another name for a mutt…there is nothing “desginer” about having two different breeds reproduce. That title never ceases to annoy me.

  14. I remember reading that the man, Wally Conran, who started this whole “designer dog” fad regrets doing so. He was the first to breed the labrodoodle because a visiually-impaired woman requested a guide dog that was hyperallergenic. Now we have family pets being crossed-bred for people’s fancies. And PETA slams AKC every day for breeders trying to produce a high-quality, standard purebred; I’d think PETA should be more concerned with ACHC. Story is with NY Daily News, May 5, 2010 for those interested.

  15. It is truly sad that people will buy anything “designer” to be trendy. Reputable AKC breeders have worked for many years to breed dogs that meet particular standards and these so-called breeders of “designer” dogs have no respect for this and seem to be capitalizing on a fad. My opinion, after being a scottie owner for 32 years and a vet tech for 30 years, is that breeding any dog with a scottie other than a scottie is unthinkable. If you are in desperate need of a “designer” dog, you don’t even have to pay big bucks. Go to your local shelter, adopt a mixed breed dog, and save a life!

  16. I was searching for information about Scottish Terrier/Westie Mixes and I found this site. I just adopted a Scottie/Westie Mix and she is a beautiful wheaten color. I was searching because people keep asking me if she is a “designer dog” and I really had no idea if people were purposely breeding the combination. She is only about 5 months old, but seems to have the body of a Scottie with the facial apperance of a Westie. So cute!

    I have owned a Scottie and a Scottie/Rat Terrier mix in the past. I just love these little dogs. My purebred Scottie had suffered from such awful allergies that I was reluctant to get another even though I really wanted one. Hopefully my new Scottie/Westie mix will give me the joy of a Scottie without the worry of health problems.

  17. I have a scottie schnauzer mix! he is a CRAZY energetic dog. 🙂 they said he was a calm sweet dog at the adoption center but when we brought him home and checked the internet, it said scottie and schnauzers are both energetic, and barky dogs! Check out my website and see if he looks more like a schnauzer or a scottie!

  18. Our last Scottie, Mary, died almost 2 years ago. We finally decided we were ready to think about getting another dog, and we found an adorable little guy at a shelter 90 miles away. We think he might be a “scoodle” (photos at ) … he’s frighteningly intelligent, evey by Scottie standards, and he’s a sunny ball of joy, happy, sweet, playful, and very very cuddly. The shelter called him a Scottie/Cairn mix, but our vet doesn’t think Cairn is right. Boudreaux sure looks like some of the “scoodle” photos we’ve seen. (We love the little varmint no matter WHAT his bloodlines are.) 🙂 –Ken

  19. I just got a little Scottie/Cairn mix I think from a rescue centre. When people ask me what he is I say a lovely mongrel, because this is what he is. He was at the resuce centre with his father and sister and I bet if marketed wisely one of those silly persons looking for “designer dogs” would pay fortune for them. Right now my Linus is the lucky one but two others will probably spend months if not years in kennels and might be put down eventually. I think that purposeful mixing and making money of it should be forbidden for the good of animals.

  20. I have a sweet, sweet Bushland. He was a rescue, so I wasn’t actively seeking a designer breed. I wish I could post a photo here, but I don’t see a way to do that.
    Gromit is the smartest little dude, a super snuggler, and just aims to please. I love my Bushland!!!

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