Scottish Terriers on Vacation: No stay-cations for these lucky dogs!

John sends a shot from this past weekend when he went camping with his Scotties in the Smoky Mountains. From left to right are his brood — Monty, Maggie, Brody (with humans Savannah and Ian)– and then there’s Marley, Donovan, Maddie and Sandy (with humans Teresa and Shelby.)

I guess this is where all those banned Tennessee Scottish Terriers go. They have to camp as they’re not allowed inside anywhere. John needs to take that flag into Nashville and wave it around. Scottie News will help him mobilize.

Meanwhile in Italy, where they have a far more civilized attitude toward dogs (although maybe not to solicitors), Rick’s dog Piper just spent two weeks on the Adriatic Coast where she was not forced to camp. She enjoyed the beach…

…and her sea view accommodations.

La Dolce Vita!!!

6 thoughts on “Scottish Terriers on Vacation: No stay-cations for these lucky dogs!

  1. I'm flying into Nashville on Thursday. I will definitely assist in any legal actions required.

    The fair lassie dog on the beach puts me in mid of that naughty Baywatch girl.

  2. Wow! Seven Scotties at one time! That is remarkable! One is better looking than the next. I am trying to convince my husband that we need another one!

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