Send the Dog Whisperer to help the American Idol

David Cook on his new tour partner: “Yes, I have a dog, a Scottish terrier named Dublin. He eats his bed and pees on it a lot.”

This is no way to behave, even for a rock star. Paging Cesar Millan.

Background on Dublin and Cook.

Update: Watch the video from Regis and Kelly.

4 thoughts on “Send the Dog Whisperer to help the American Idol

  1. Ok, yes, poor Dublin needs help but I'd propose two things:

    1. David needs it more; and
    2. Let's send Victoria Stillwell instead of Cesar.

    I like her methods better – she'll fix David's issues so he can deal with Dublin's.


  2. Dublin's just a typical boy, then…! 🙂 Sure he'll grow out of it.
    I like Victoria but sometimes she seems a little heavy on the treats(?).

  3. Victoria is exactly what Dublin needs. Treats work for Scotties. I've used her method for housetraining all my Scotties. Works like a charm! All you do is cut back on their meal to make way for the treat training. Cesar — his style is heavy handed for Scottish Terriers.

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