@Twitter, help me please or I will go nuts

I have been locked out of my Twitter account (DogTwitterer) for what seems like forever.

When I tell Twitter that I’ve forgotten my password, they send me a password reset email which sends me to this screen:

I then fill in my new password, verify it and click change. The exact same screen reappears.

If I click login, after changing my password, and try to log in with my new password, I get a message that says, “Wrong username/email and password combination.”

I have done this several times on several different occasions with new emails sent to me each time. It never works. Twitter has no technical support to speak of, which is yet another reason to hate it.

Can anyone help this Twitter hater get back into hateful Twitter?

4 thoughts on “@Twitter, help me please or I will go nuts

  1. You're reading this comment via TwitterMail. If you can help me, I'll buy you a lottery ticket. Sorry, it's the best I can do.

  2. Sounds good. How about some virtual assistance. Best if you leave it in the comments so we can share it with the whole wide internet.

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