Watch Scottie dog Hitchcock as he plays flyball

See Hitchcock’s previous appearances at the Scottish Terrier and Dog News.

4 thoughts on “Watch Scottie dog Hitchcock as he plays flyball

  1. Hitchcok is our HERO. He is probably at least as fast as the big dogs and may be even less prone for errors. It is so much fun to watch, must even be more fun to do it.
    Hitch Go For It!

  2. BRAVO!! We're hoping Wicket will qualify for Flyball competition one day…until then Hitchcock's our hero! Where can we get an action poster – Wicket wants one for his kennel.

  3. Hitchcock thanks for all the nice comments!
    Zami is right – He is really sometimes equally and sometimes almost equally as fast as the big dogs! And he hardly never makes any mistakes in Flyball- But he gets so exited about it, that I do not train it very often 🙂
    I will do a dog dancing video in future and put it on youtube
    Greetings to you all and your scotties from me and Hitchcock from Switzerland!

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