West Highland Terrier Wednesday with a cat

Bradley, a three-year-old Bengal cat is introduced to nine-month old Alfie the Westie dog. Your assignment is to describe the dynamic of this relationship in the comments.

8 thoughts on “West Highland Terrier Wednesday with a cat

  1. I know nothing about cats (except that they drive my boys insane!) but that is typical Westie playing technique… lots of teasing, spinning, etc. Too cute!!

  2. They got the cat just to exercise the dog maybe? The Westie is showing remarkable restraint…or maybe it's because the peeps are watching. Bonnie would be having the cats head off shortly if no one intervened. Cats=squirrels=vermin. To be caught and dispatched to never never land as soon as possible.

  3. yes it is very typical westie. the cat seems very confused that the westie just isn't playing right 🙂 very cute!

  4. Hi,
    Both the Westie and the cat are trying to play in their own ways, but there is a language barrier.

    By the way, that’s an Ocicate, not a Bengal!

  5. It’s great to watch and yes I agree both want to play I think Alfie is the more hesitant to just go for it with the Bradley……who seems quite “tame” considering he keeps rolling over unless he is trying to “lure” Alfie in for the dare I say a good old swap in the chops…………………..looks like a lot of fun and exercise anyway.

  6. Alphie – “I want to put your head in my mouth”
    Cat “Just try it big guy, you’re too afraid of me to even get close!”
    Alphie – “I’m distracting you with my “Westie-type” play, but I really want to put your head in my mouth”
    Cat .. “Dude, seriously, do you know about claws?”
    Alphie – ” Turn over again like that and I’ll spin you like a top”,
    Cat “One more time… C L A W S!”
    We played this game at our house for years, Westie using the cat as a top, chewing on her head, soaking her! The cat LOVED it! Really!

    1. This reminds me of our cairn, Mac, when he played with our cat Harlem, who is no longer with us. The cat in this video lays down with his back to the westie – ours use to lay down with his belly out. Eventually the terrier gets too close and the cat backs away. I’ll bet the westie and the cat end up in a mini-snuggle eventually.

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