Calling all lovers of Scottie Dog memorabilia

It seems that collectors of Scottish Terrier memorabilia are as tenacious as the dogs themselves, writes a vendor of Scottie tchotchkes:

I know there are a lot of collectors of dog items, but none more prolific than those that love scottie dogs! We have a lot of requests for them in our antique booth (written on a wish list at the front of the mall) and also at flea markets.

Check out the goods.

3 thoughts on “Calling all lovers of Scottie Dog memorabilia

  1. is there a web site where i might find someone interested in my duplicate scotties – i want nothing for them except postage to ship them -and would consider meeting someone in a 50 mileradius from me – i have over 225 scotties and many duplicates – and they should go to a good home perhaps someone new to collecting – i have no children to leave them to and someday will offer the main collection sure dont want them taken to good will lol

  2. Hi,
    We have a 3 year old Scotty named Dugel who we love to bits. We live in Christchurch New Zealand and have tried for years to get some Scotty morbillia without success. We are happy to pay for selected items. Please if you can help we would be thrilled.

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