Maybe you shouldn’t get a Scottish Terrier

Last week, I received an email from someone going by the name of beer drinkman and looking for a Scottish Terrier in the San Francisco Bay area. While I had some misgivings about this correspondent’s name and grammar, I nevertheless posted his message. Readers generously offered up lots of helpful advice but beer drinkman never responded. I emailed him to let him know that his question had been answered many times over. Here is our correspondence:


Please read my blog. Our readers had a lot of great suggestions. It would be nice if you could come back and let them know you’ve seen them.


Scottie News


read your blog? i just wanted a telephone no. where i could get a puppy.


Yeah, and you’ll find that by reading the blog.


That was the last I heard of mr. beer drinkman. Maybe he’ll come back and give us the names of some hot new microbreweries.

6 thoughts on “Maybe you shouldn’t get a Scottish Terrier

  1. Wow, just wow. Lets hope he doesn't find a number of someone who would sell him a pup. Sounds like he isn't willing to put in the work to find one, let alone raise and live with a dog, regardless of the breed.

  2. I would never let a pup get into the hands of someone who is so proud of his beerdrinking habit that he chose that as his online name.

    Pets — even a goldfish would be too much work for this individual.

  3. 'While I had some misgivings about this correspondent's name and grammar'

    … Oh no, I rather hope poor spellings are not on your agenda for shady characters? I suffer VERY badly from dyslexia, so I'm either dreadful or great at English depending on the moment, my mood/nerves or the general disposition of that unreliable and somewhat mischievous part of my brain.
    Yes I use 'spell-check', every time, but it's not quite that simple… so I'll just apologise now for any poor spelling and horrendous grammar forever …and ever …
    Tegan 🙂

  4. Bad spelling and grammer has come to be the norm online. But a person really needs to pay attention to what they call themselves on line. I judge people by their online name. It's all I have to go by at first glance.

    We like to trust people, but it's not possible online.

    Today I was suspicious of an individual calling himself redsredsreds etc. I figured he is either a drug addict or communist. Upon investigating his website, he is a former skinhead –still not the type I would befriend even online. LOL!

  5. I grew up with a Scottie; when my new bride and I were ready for a dog, we found a reputable breeder not too far from us. The breeder–the Rev. Dennis Burton, then of Plymouth, NC, bless his heart–welcomed us to his house, but before he showed us the litter that Mack and Scooter had produced, he questioned us rather sharply: Did we KNOW the breed? Were we prepared to put in the work required to raise a good Scottie? Were we responsible? Were we prepared to commit ourselves to the time and expense and effort of raising a puppy? My wife had never owned a dog before and she was put off by it. I recognized a TRUE Scottie person and a dog lover, and was glad to have found such a concerned breeder. 🙂

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