Rare ginger Scottish Terrier makes pilgrimage to homeland

Regular reader and commenter Tegan writes:

One or two people wished me and Kirk a pleasant holiday in Scotland, so I made an effort to take a photo of our adventures. This was taken at Machrie Moor Standing Stones Isle of Arran, and Kirk had just had one of her ‘joy dances’ (my name for when she just jumps about in excitement for no apparent reason other than happiness,) so she’s panting. Like the best of Scots my Kirk is a ‘red-head’ … People actually ask me if I dye/ colour her LOL, nope … She was born with a orange beard and eyebrows and I’d be very interested if anyone else has a ‘ginger’ Scottie?????


In the opinion of the Scottish Terrier and Dog News, which has never practiced ginger discrimination, Kirk looks kind of punk. And we mean that in a good way.

9 thoughts on “Rare ginger Scottish Terrier makes pilgrimage to homeland

  1. I love that color, and I agree she looks punk! How cute!

    A while back I read in one of the Scottie books I bought when we first got the girls that Scotties can be all ginger, deep red like an Irish Setter, any variation thereof and all kinds of brindle. Apparently the only color the Scottie shouldn't be is white.

    Has anyone ever seen a red Scottie?

  2. Glad you had a good holiday! I think I saw a Scottie with colouring like this on Petfinder not too long ago, I'd never seen that before & I thought it looked like someone had dyed her! Will look it up. She looks like she was happy! You should try for a video of the happy dance! 🙂

  3. She is 'grand' Holly,(but I'm very, very biased!)

    An all ginger Scottie would be very interesting, though its much more of a laugth to have her beard and eye-brows ginger and the rest black as she does look like a punk… I agree.

    Renan, your scottie is lovely and that is such a nice haircut too, the beard is more of a wine colour, which is the same colour of whatever isn't ginger on Kirks beard. You are right, I've noticed that the sun makes it go from red to bright orange.

    I should try to video Kirks 'joy dance' tcmum, but it such a quick, hap-hazard, dashing about kinda thing that I doubt it's possible. It's not logical and doesn't form a pattern, or ritual … it's a stop and start affair, often with paw digging added (if she's very happy,) but mostly leaping and running… AND I don't own a digital video lol! 🙂


  4. Our Piper has a distinct red tinge to her coat, and her eyebrows go really red in the summer. Her father is a wheatie so maybe that is the reason.

    BTW Tegan I got a virus warning when I clicked on the picture of your Scottie, you might want to check that out

  5. Our Teagan does a "rushabout" which sounds like Kirk's joy dance. These days it is often interrupted by Ceilidh though but she is working on her own (not very graceful!) dance. It seems that Scottie with the ginger highlights I'd seen on Petfinder must have been adopted, which is good news afterall, but I don't think there's any way of finding the photo now. It was very much like Kirk's, and it was funny I'd never seen or heard of that before and now there are 2 of them (at least!).

  6. What a handsome fellow Kirk is! I love his red top. Brindle Scotties can be red brindle, silver brindle, and maybe another combination–I forget. I can't tell from the photo if Kirk is a brindle Scottie or not. If so, that would explain the red. Very distinguished regardless 😉

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