Scottish Terrier and Scottie dog test

Do you see the new url? Or do you still see the old blogspot one? Please let the Scottish Terrier and Dog News know.
Thank you.

21 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier and Scottie dog test

  1. Mine looks just the same, no problems …straight here … but I have you on my favorites and it directs me right to home page anyways:)


  2. O.K, I take that back, I'm getting you but with an error symbol on the page, not sure what? HOWEVER, it does take like hours an hours an hours an hours for your page to load for me in the past (there has been many times when my PC gave up and froze!)
    Today it was like here! VERY quick … YAY.. HAPPY DAYS! (methinks must not speak too soon!)

  3. Thanks everyone for your help.

    Looks like things are working.

    Except I'm worried about the slow loaders and Blogger is giving me lots of other aggravation what with the non-functioning search in the navbar on top.

  4. I get the old one on the home page and on comments. I get here from a favorites link also. My ISP is Pittsburgh, PA- home of Maggie/Scotty the Scottie and currently the G-20

  5. YAY … two days now and I'm getting your home page VERY fast. Whatever you have done, please keep it going.

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