Scottish Terrier Gus wishes you happy Monday Night Football and many more to come

Gus ready to block, originally uploaded by MacFisher.

No, that is not a stuffed Scottie dog. He’s the real thing. Or is he? Whatever. Touchdown!!!

9 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier Gus wishes you happy Monday Night Football and many more to come

  1. Nice bit of Photoshopping. Our Piper shares Dad's opinion that if it isn't played on ice and doesn't involve loss of blood, or drinking beer, it isn't really a sport…;-)

    1. Much time has passed since this photograph of our late Scottie (Angus) was posted. He passed away in July 2011. He was only eight. Liver failure due to hepatitis.

      Regarding this photograph being of a photoshopped image of a stuffed dog; nothing is further from the truth.

      I photographed Gus in his NY Giants American Football jersey with a wide angle lens and an off camera flash. Very simple. No photoshop. Gus was a very special dog.

      1. Please accept Scottie News’ sympathy for your loss. Let’s hope Gus was happy to see another Giants win. He didntblive long enough but I’m sure he lived well.

  2. Yep Photoshop.
    … and you call that ‘football’ chaps? There’s hardly any foot on ball in those games? More in the way of ramming each other and throwing the thing about … like an awfully nasty game of
    Sunday league Rugby. All that protective gear too, looks very awkward, (doesn’t it hamper the skill and speed of the players?)
    No, if you want to watch proper football, watch the next U.K Merseyside derby, Everton thrashing Liverpool… and don’t be calling it ‘soccer’ either, that’s what you throw in a boxing match!
    Tegan & Kirk (both mad Evertoians:)

  3. Macintosh's favourite sport is golf followed by football (soccer, not american). He 'plays' (ie chases his daddy's ball) golf very well and is brilliant at football as I think most scotties are.

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