Scottish Terrier male mistaken for bitch

There’s something not quite right here. A Scottish Terrier owner writes to the Dog Lady newspaper columnist to say her male dog is frequently mistaken for a female.

Why am I so adamantly protective of my sweet Simon’s masculinity? Simon is a small dog, a Scottish terrier, and he seems to be in touch with his feminine side. Still, when we go walking and a passer-by asks to greet Simon while referring to “him” as “her,” I find myself making an immediate correction. “He’s a he!” I proclaim. Am I ridiculously rigid about these gender matters? After all, Simon is neutered. He’s not even a total he. Why can’t I let it go?

Readers of the Scottie News report just the opposite problem– it’s the females who are constantly mistaken for males. Frankly, I think there’s more to this Simon case than his owner’s telling. As I mentioned at the time the three dogs shown in the photo above — Fern, Lily and Geoff — look more like Ferdinand, Larry and Geoff. And, please everybody, rest assured that’s in no way a slur on Fern and Lily. They are fine looking gals.

5 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier male mistaken for bitch

  1. So true. Bonnie wears a pink collar with sparklies and a pink girlie leash, but is always referred to as HE. Or a Westie….since she's wheaten color. Lady argued with me the othe night on our walkie..well, my boss said the white ones are Westies, and he should know. He has a black scottie. To which I replied, yep, the whites ones are, not the wheaten ones, those are scotties. On the other had, our other dog is a male malti-poo…and gets referred to as SHE. Fluffy curly=girl, bearded=male, light=westie?

  2. It's interesting: Rory is the Wheaten, Fiona the classic black. Fiona is always assumed to be the male and Rory, who seems all boy to me, is always asked of, "Is that the female?"

    I think it has to do with the color…but then Scraps of Me has the exact opposite effect…tis confusing fer certs.

    But, does it really matter?

  3. Scraps, my mother in law has a beard and people always are always saying, "Just look at that bearded woman."

  4. Our little girl, Piper, is constantly called "he". They usually ask for her name right away and then seem to assume she is a he afterward. She is only four months old. Maybe the fact that she tries to rip their arm off when they attempt to pet her leads them astray….

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