Scottish Terrier steals baby’s soother

Hmm, I wouldn’t let this happen at my house, but, as they say in French, the language in which this video is described over at YouTube, à chacun son goût.

11 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier steals baby’s soother

  1. What kind of French person names their dog Boogie and uses a Mickey Mouse bib.

    Good Lord. Eurodisney foreshadowed.

  2. One of the best Scottie videos I have ever seen! You can almost sense what the terrier is thinking moment by moment. I couldn't stop laughing.

  3. You're right, DS this video was just around the time Euro Disney landed…

    That was so cute (on the Scottie's part, name aside). Why would you mind if it happened in your house?? I'd just laugh!! The baby took it pretty well too.

  4. …was the crime comitted for the taste of some warm milk, or just to play a game or was it actually attention seeking???
    Kirk's never actually stolen from me, she just stares and stares and stares and stares and stares ….
    (10 mins later)… she still staring and stares and stares and stares…
    …then I give in and let her have it 🙂

  5. Gee – I hate to sound negative and humorless, but as a mom – who loves her human babies and her Scotties – I wouldn't let my dog come up on my baby like this… Really… what were they thinking? I guess they were right there with the camera – but still… The dog should not think it is okay to take something from the baby's mouth (just like the baby should be taught not to take the dog's toys or food).

  6. Hmm, well to Anonymous 2, as AB concluded "a chacun son gout". I'm a bit lax I guess and I don't have kids yet but I wouldn't mind per se, it would depend on the dog and with my Teagan no issues re fear of biting etc. (not getting into a hygine discussion). Sometimes parents can easily make their kids afraid of dogs, unintentionally. Dog Whisperer types would say that the dog needs to see baby as belonging to the pack leader so is strictly off limits so I guess we do (did) have a dominance issue here. Maybe it's better if I just stick to dogs!

  7. Bottom line is it depends on the dog.

    I know Bridget snaps at other dogs over food and balls so I always watch her very closely when there are small children around.

    Boogie may have no food issues at all, in which case I likely wouldn't worry.

    As for the hygiene, I assume the soother's going to be well washed before it's returned to baby's mouth so that doesn't really phase me.

    Why I said it wouldn't happen here is because I wouldn't trust my dog in that situation.

  8. I agree with Dog Twitterer's comments – wouldn't trust ANY dog around kids that way, especially a defenseless baby. But! That video was hilarious! And the scottie was go gentle! Too funny!

  9. Despite what you think about this, you have to admit… Boogie is a smart thing to slowly and gently remove that pacifier, as not to upset the baby. That's what made me chuckle.
    This video reminds me of my Scottie, Pip. We have no children, but when friends of ours bring their baby over, we have to watch Pip, closely. All he wants to do it lick the baby. He's completely infatuated with her.

  10. I am really interested in this, as I am pregnant with a 2 year old and a 1 year old Scottie in the house. I have a feeling that both of my Scotties will try to attempt this at one point or another. Even if I am sitting on the couch eating food, they will try various methods to "happen" to get close enough to the plate. Our dogs will even climb on the back of the couch like cats and curl up behind our necks hoping that one of the times we lift the spoon to our mouths that we will happen to get close enough to them. Though it has never actually happens. I just hope that when the baby does get here, if something like this does happen, they do it in such a manner as this Scottie. She could have stepped on the babies chest, neck, or stood on the side of the carrier and knocked it over to get the pacifier. But no, she stood next to it and very slowly and gently pulled the thing away. I am not saying that is a habit that you want to let happen without some sort of getting on to it, but at the same time, I don't believe that it is a deed that can't be videotaped and laughed at at least once : )

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