Scottish Terrier video on my new iPod Nano

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News has acquired one of the new iPod Nanos complete with video. This is our first foray into cinematography. It is Bridget and our clumsy kitten, Penny, who has just recently started venturing forth into the garden, greatly upsetting Bridget.

We are committed to getting better with the video nano and not doing any more weird sideways shots.

3 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier video on my new iPod Nano

  1. Nice to see (and hear!) Bridget in action, anyway! (when the kitten wasn't trying to steal the limelight..!) 🙂

  2. Oh little Bridget… I know when you close your eyes at night you are flying in the tree tops with Penny.

    Great 1st video Ann, have fun with it. There are many great on-line resources to help you get your mind around i-movie when you are ready to start play with the editing side of things.

  3. Me thinks Bridget would have liked to chased kitty back up the tree!
    and yes..its the stuff that Scottie dreams are made of.
    I'm convinced that Scotties have quite significant dreams after closely observing our Maggie over the years..and like us with our dreams..some are good & some are not so good..I used to gently wake up Maggie if it appeared that she wasn't in a happy place..and I'm certain she was pleased about that.

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