Searching for Scottish Terrier information?

If you’ve used this site’s search engine — the one in the top left hand corner — recently, to try and track down information about Scottish Terriers or to locate a past post, you may have noticed that it’s not working. Today, I finally decided to do something about the situation and in the course of my research, I tracked down this thread, which notes that the problem is almost three months old, widespread, and blogger seems no closer to fixing it.

It just boggles my mind that Blogger, a subisdiary of Google, the company that makes billions of dollars a year from search, can’t even figure out what’s wrong.
In any case, I’ve implemented my own temporary fix, the new lijit sear wijit in the right hand column, and it works really well. So if you’re looking to find something you once read on the Scottie News, please use that search function. And if you’re a blogger experiencing the navbar search problem, please go get yourself the lijit wijit.

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