STECS Scottie rescue party rocks

First you saw the photos, now the video of the loudest bark competition.

Scottie News is able to reveal who the winner was thanks to loyal reader David, who wrote that his dog, Marmaduke Bugatti, aged nearly 2 and known as Bugsy for short, triumphed for the second year running. Bugsy can be seen with David’s brother in the yellow and blue striped top, centre of the video.

Bugsy lives with his own seven-year-young, non-blood brother, Beau Bentley Mactavish known as Bo Bo for short. Explains David: “I always wanted a black Bentley car, this is the nearest I will get for a while – so followed it with a Black Bugatti!!!”

Sadly, David lost a female Scottie two years ago to liver cancer, at the age of 11. Her name was Shona Spirtle (spirtle being the Scottish porridge stirrer.)

If you like reading rescue Scottish Terrier stories,the STECs site features many great ones.

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  1. We have had recently a German Scottie Rescue Meeting, celebrating 10 yrs scottish terrier rescue in Germany. but not much barking and fighting was going on – the german scotties are more peacefull perhaps. but we also kept them entertained with agility courses, flyball and dogdancing and a fun course for everybody to do.

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