West Highland Terrier Weekend: Pub dogs

Things were a bit hectic this week at the Scottie News world headquarters and, well, there’s no other way to say this than we completely forgot about Westie Wednesday, so, instead, we’re bringing you a special Westie weekend edition.

Hamish the Pub Dog, a three-year-old Westie, and his one-year-old Scottish Terrier companion, Maggie, lead the life I dream of, lounging around a charming pub and blogging while the humans closest to them whip up gourmet food.
When the Scottie News gets a foreign correspondent budget, our first trip will be to Magor, Wales to do some investigative reporting on the anonymous Cruella de Vil who tried to turn this lucky pair into the town dog catcher. Ah, what lurks beneath the surface…

One thought on “West Highland Terrier Weekend: Pub dogs

  1. Thank you for sharing this! I will have to follow their blog. Will be heading back to England this w/e and I'm very tempted now to make a side trip to Magor to visit Hamish & Maggie-Morag!! And shame on that busybody Cruella!

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