How to spot a fake Radley bag – it’s the Scottie dog

We’ve reported before on the black market in knock-off Radley Scottie dog bags and charms. Now, we’ve discovered an entire article on how to spot a fake Radley bag. Here’s one out of many clues:

The Scottie dog tag on a Radley bags is attached to the bag in such a way that you can remove it easily. With fake Radley bags it is often difficult or impossible to remove this tag.

3 thoughts on “How to spot a fake Radley bag – it’s the Scottie dog

  1. Ready for this? I finally saved to order the D&B Scottie bag and it gets to my house and the hang tag is now a bone and not the adorable Scottie that was on the picture in July you posted here!

    I called them and said, "I'm really disappointed. I'm a lover of Scotties; not bones!"

    They apologized and said the decision had been made by Mr. Dooney to change the tag. Most likely because of people talking about the Radley bags! Give me a break! Very disappointing he did that.

    And, if Radley bags are as expensive as D&B, I wouldn't much care if I had a good knock off. I love my Scottie stuff but the prices are way crazy for this poor woman!

  2. I brought my radley bag from Tulisa in spring fields in Spalding in Lincs it cost me £80 but at least it was not a fake

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