In Edinburgh, a Scottish Terrier is attacked

The Scotsman reports:

Police are hunting two vicious dogs who savaged a man and his pet Scottie dog as they took an afternoon stroll in the park.
The attack was so violent it knocked Jimmy Stuart, 50, to the ground despite his 16-stone frame. The painter and decorator suffered several bites to his leg and two broken fingers, while his Scottish terrier Wallace was left badly injured.

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2 thoughts on “In Edinburgh, a Scottish Terrier is attacked

  1. That behavior is so irresponsible. It is what gives dog owners bad press. My little Ozzie has been gone after by the Weimariner up the street, a Doberman at our lake house, and many unleashed, unaccompanied dogs. At first we thought maybe he looked like prey to them but now we think they are just jealous!! Since we brought Angus home, however, Ozzie thinks he needs to protect him!

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