Is there a dog poop get-out-of-jail-free card?

So, this morning on our walk, I had only one dog poop pick-up bag. Even though it’s extremely rare that Bridget drops a double load, I like to have back-up just in case. But today, I had changed coats to accommodate the milder weather, which meant I didn’t have my usual pocket spare. Since we’d also run out of my favourite biodegradable bags and I remembered tearing a few grocery bags on the way home recently, I just grabbed the first hole-free one I found and thought to myself, “It’s so rare she does a double anyway…”

Well, on the last leg of our walk, Bridget started holding back and, then on the lawn of the Ukrainian church, she proceeded to evacuate her bowels for the second time that morning.

It was dark so I just pretended none of it had happened and left.

On average, I do this twice a year.

How about the rest of you?

15 thoughts on “Is there a dog poop get-out-of-jail-free card?

  1. Ohh hate the surprise "Double Duty"…been there! Even if you do pick up every other time you do feel awfully sheepish – even if other people don't!

  2. I've had to leave presents behind when my pup's #2 was too runny to pick up. ANd there were a couple extra-dark mornings when fall started when I couldn't find the #2, even with the flashlight (darn leaves!).
    I use newspaper bags for pick-up โ€“ย  I can slip it over my hand and it's like wearing a long plastic glove, plus I can tie it off right above the depost once it's picked up.
    For double #2's (which are rare), I'll usually have enough extra bag left over to be able to grab and tie again. I'm probaby the only 25-year-old I know who subscribes to the newspaper, but aside from loving to read it every day, those bags really come in handy!
    But I have to agree, I always feel guilty leaving something behind. Heck, if somebody's eyeing us, I feel bad letting mine pee on a treelawn!

  3. Not to worry Hannah, I subscribe to TWO newspapers and I have been using the bags for umpteen years! Plus I have a few friends who save their bags for me! I too usually carry two bags, but I have done the "double duty" with only one. However, there are times when I, like Ann, have not had my spare with me and have had to leave the "evidence."

  4. ann – where do you find biodegradable bags. while i use grocery sacks it has always seemed absured to pick up the highly biodegradable poo and then tie it up in a plastic sack where it will spend eternity!

  5. I hate it when that happens! I've sometimes gone back when I've been caught without a bag, but as the other poster said, it can be hard to locate after the fact (especially in the dark and with leaves!). I guess the saying applies – "S&it happens!" – and sometimes, you're caught without a bag!

    And I have to admit, in all of the comments, I am most struck by Hannah's statement about being a 25-year old who subscribes to a newspaper… I have watched my beloved Washington Post become a shadow of its former self in the past year (I guess it's still a pretty darned good newspaper, but it has "slimmed down"), and of all the things about this recession, I am really sad about the effects on newspapers. Maybe we should all be grateful for dog poop – if that gives us a reason to keep subscribing to the print edition!

  6. I've been given grief when one of my Scotties pees outdoors on our walks! I live in a condo and we all own the common grounds. So, if one of mine does double duty and I'm bagless, I go home and drive back with a bag and pick it up. I wish other people here would do the same as I am annoyed at looking at their dogs leave-behinds. And I will NOT pick them up.

  7. Scott Adams dog poop experience is very funny.

    Can we get some instructions on how to make a newspaper bag?

    Even though I used to work for newspapers, I no longer read the newsprint versions. Just find them really inconvenient.

  8. Kirk has only done a double about 5 times in her life, but like you I always carry a spare just-in-case:)
    We use ASDA bags, but I'm very interested if they have the bio ones over here in GB? I could count on my hands the times I've
    never picked up… and 90% of those are on the beach, (Kirk occasionally goes while up to her tummy in water and I don't like the idea of fishing about for it!)

  9. I've not seen any biodegradable poop bags here in Europe yet, which is strange considering how eco fascist they are one everything else…

    Anyhow, sadly owners who pick up their pups mess are in the miniority here in Germany and France, in Germany they seem to think that the tax paid for the animal should cover that, and in France's large cities there are motorbikes with a vacume (or however the hell you spell that) which pick up and disinfect the area around the poop.

    I always try to have at least two bags on our walks, just incase of a doubleheader, or just to offer to someone else who seems to be about to leave his dogs landmine behind (they hate it when I do that…).

  10. Here's the link for the biodegradable bags. You can get them in pet stores.

    I'm awed by Anonymous who drives back to do poop pick-up.

    Rick, I used to live in Germany and it was like walking through landmines in the parks. I heard they didn't introduce dog poop laws because they didn't want to lose the vote of all the old widows who lost their husbands in the war and replaced them with dogs. Not sure if that's true or an urban myth.

  11. To Dogtwitterer
    True or not it is a very funny joke about the German widows being the reason for no poop laws ๐Ÿ™‚
    How is the law on this matter in your country? … "a shitty law" – or just "a shit law" ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I live in Dnmark and believe we do not have poop laws eighter – I always thought they were missing because so many voters are getting to fat to bend down and scoop …

    All the best to you!

  12. lol. I will double scoop into my one bag on these occasions and usually get my hands messy in the process …yuck. I will leave a mess only in deep wooded park areas, and only when way off the trail. We usually always scoop.

  13. I had already ditched my one bag so I was totally bagless.

    I guess there's an argument to be made that I should have kept it with me. But I'm like Stephanie Plum. It's not the stooping and scooping I mind. It's carrying the warm contents around.

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