Itchy Scottish Terrier Update

Thank you again to everyone who contributed their valuable advice about how to cure poor Bridgets’s ongoing itchiness. I changed her food the next day and, believe it or not, it seems to have helped. We also have a vet appointment scheduled for Friday so I’ll have more information after that.

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  1. Believe it or not but diet is the ONE crucial thing about itchiness – and I am also convinced that BARF is the only best solution, because no chemicals, no emulgators, no waste meat like noses or feathers or nails shredded and powdered, no unnatural heating. you just give fresh raw meat, some bones, chopped vegetables and herbs, a drop of oil – does not take more than 10 minutes to prepare – and you have a healthy dog.

  2. That's wonderful news!!! It makes me very sad to think of an itchy Scottie, when the problem can possible be fixed by something so simple as changing to a premium food. None of my Scotties have ever had itchies since my first Scottie. I guess she was the one I 'learned' on — poor baby! Keep us posted!

  3. I'm so sad I missed this whole thread because I too have an itchie Scottie! We took her to the vet to rule out fleas and the like. He put her on some antihistamines and this spray to put on any spots if they should get red, etc.
    She is already on a vet diet as she has a sensitive stomach. She east vennison and potato vet food (very expensive too I might add!). I have read that Scotties are prone to skin allergies though. Anyone care to repeat some of those helpful hints???? Sorry…. Thanks.

  4. My rules of thumb for itchy Scotties: 1) Diet. no more corn or chicken as a steady diet (chicken treats once in a while are OK unless it's a severe alergy). I feed my dogs fish and sweet potato food and they have no more skin problems.
    2) Shampoo. Switch to an all natural shampoo like and it will cure even the most stubborn seborrhea and dandruf.

  5. Everyone else is on point with diet. Our 2 Scottie boys would alternate with wet and dry seborrhea, to the point where they were always at the vet and I wondered how it was hopping between dogs. I did not like the idea of constant prednisone & shampoo meds either.

    I did a lot of digging, and realized that they were also getting ear infections simultaneously. The culprit: constant yeast infections.

    I've always made sure my dogs were kept away from pesticides and fed a natural diet. What we did not know was that Wellness had changed owners and food formulas. It's not what it used to be, and the boys were really affected-the change was a couple years ago, and thats when the problems started.

    Now they eat a small batch organic food, a tiny bit of organic sweet potatoes, and tons of plain acidophilus yogurt…with pre and probiotic supplements.

    All coat and itching problems have been solved. They're overall much healthier, happier dogs-ears are clean and don't smell, no infections, no skin problems.

    I'll swear by this for my dogs here on out. Good luck!

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