Miniature Golden Doodle: The new ‘it’ dog

In the past few weeks, I have run into three miniature Golden Doodles in my neighbourhood. To breed this designer dog, you take the female offspring of a golden retriever and a standard poodle and then cross it with a male miniature poodle. They are super cute looking and even if they do end up as rambunctious as a plain old Golden Doodle, at least they’re smaller.

And, yes, they are almost the exact physical opposite of a Scottie, but does it matter?

If you want more information, check out  Almost Everything You Need to Know About Goldendoodles, available on Amazon.

6 thoughts on “Miniature Golden Doodle: The new ‘it’ dog

  1. Our neighbor has a 2yr old Bison Frisa-Poodle designer mix (?). Sorry but breeders aren't doing anyone especially dogs any favors mixing poodle with other breeds. And why do they do this? There are so many little souls in shelters and running the streets without adding to the canine population.
    I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels this way.

  2. You're not> If you read our other posts on hybrid dogs including Scottie mixes, you'll see that there are quite a variety of strongly held opinions on the topic.

  3. I have to say you have a very biased opinion about doodles. I have had my doodle for three years and he has been the most wonderful, amazing pet I have every owned. He is nothing like the dog you describe in your letter to President Obama. I don’t think having second hand knowledge of other people’s bad experiences qualifies you as a doodle expert. Anyone I have ever met who has a doodle absolutely loves them. I am an advocate for these very amazing dogs. Your research is not scientific and as you know, since you own a breed of dog that is known for hurting/killing many people and children, but you say yours is mild mannered, there are many factors that go into the equation when it comes to breeding dogs. I live in Canada – maybe our retriever poodle lineage is different than yours.

    1. My golden doodle is 11 years old
      I have never in my entire 60 years ever had a better dog
      To own one is to love one
      I have had many , many different breeds, but there is something special about a doodle

      1. I could not agree more. We just lost our 11-year-old doodle and he had the most soulful eyes, best disposition and even a week before he died people were calling him a “puppy” because that’s how well he aged and how young his spirit was. I hope you enjoy your doodle for a long time.

  4. I have a golden doodle and we picked this breed because of allergies. I would love to have saved a pup from a shelter but with allergies running in my family we had to go with a breed with the poodle in it. Our almost 2 year old doodle is a near perfect pet. With training and socialization he is well behaved, very friendly and very gentle around children.

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