The perfect late Halloween gift for Scottie dog lovers

A reader has just written in with more background on the Scottish Terrier horror movie, Gravestoned, formerly known as Bit Parts. Apparently, Whiskie was not the only Scottie to star in the movie:

Three Scotties were used–the Ewing’s Whiskie, (the director) Michael’s own Mackie, and my dog, Ruckus.

Ruckus answered the casting call for a Scottie in Texas who could retrieve. Besides the arm, Ruckus also had to snatch a pair of red satin panties out of a crypt. In all, we filmed 6 scenes. Ruckus was 10 years old at the time and passed in 2006.

In memory of Ruckus, the director has included a special “extra” on the DVD, which shows Ruckus being trained by his mistress to pick up the severed arm. The film will be available on NetFlix, Amazon, BestBuy on November 3rd.

Here’s another trailer. We’re not sure that the line — “That son of a bitch bit me on the boob” –is the new “Here’s looking at you, kid,” but frankly, my dear, as long as it’s got Scotties, we don’t really give a damn.

RIP, Ruckus the movie star.