West Highland Terrier Wednesday: Famous Westies

We’re getting this Westie Wednesday in just under the Thursday wire, but it’s a good one about Peter, the famous West Highland Terrier who belonged to Pakistan’s founder, Mohammed Ali Jinnah. A recent article in the Times of India, written on the occasion of a new Jinnah biography, notes:

Viewing political leaders through their pets might seem foolishly trivial, if it wasn’t that this relationship suggests insights into their often complex personalities. This is certainly true of Jinnah, whose unorthodox relationship with Islam is shown in his fondness for dogs. Most Islamic cultures view dogs as unclean – it is striking how little one sees them in cities like Cairo – yet Jinnah made no secret of his love for them. It’s possible he was influenced by his young Parsi-born wife, Ruttie, who was an animal lover. But even after her early death Jinnah continued to keep them: “He had two dogs, one a formidable black Doberman, the other a white West Highland terrier,” notes historian Stanley Wolpert in his biography.

The old, fuzzy picture above comes via Wikipedia. Peter is the white blob in the forefront.

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