West Highland Terrier Wednesday: the early Halloween costume edition

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Westie Wednesday is early this week and co-stars a Mollie the Scottie along with Max the Westie. Over the years, these two have had some fabulous Halloween costumes.

They were all powerful superheros (above) and lowly insects (below):

Max also dressed up with his late great companion, Maggie. He was the Cajun guy to her crawfish:

But my all time favourite is the year Max and Maggie were Dorothy and the Tin Man. How adorable is that?

Seeing the late Maggie playing Dorothy, I understand why her stage mom had her audition for the role of Barney in Oliver Stone’s W. Think of her next time you hear Somewhere Over the Rainbow. And to see these terriers in more outfits and photos, head over to their Howl-o-ween Flickr page.

Update: Sharon, Max and Mollie’s wardrobe mistress, writes:

They are very tolerant pups – and what started off as a way to entertain kids who were scared of dogs (Max was Dogula at his first Halloween carnival) has become somewhat a
challenge for me to find the goofiest, cheapest costume that they’ll tolerate.

Plus as therapy dogs little kids and older folks love seeing a dog in a dress!

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  1. What a great suprise to click on my favorite blog and see my favorite dogs! (but beware – Max has had at least 7 years of Howloween and Mardi Gras costumes caught on film – I just haven't got them all in one location …and I'm working on that!)

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