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Looking for Sadie the Scottish Terrier champ?

You’ve come to the right place. You’ll find Scottie News‘ archive of Sadie stories by clicking on the Sadie label directly below. We’ve got Sadie with her Chihuahua consort, receiving a trophy from the Dog Whisperer, at home in her mansion and much, much more. We’re the authoritative source for information on Ch. Roundtown Mercedes of Maryscot.

Congratulations, Sadie and Gabriel.

Some Thanksgiving Scottish Terrier photos

Because the Scottie News is thankful for all our readers both human and canine.

Pictured below are rescue dogs Max and Gus, who, according to their owner David, “found their rightful place in world living with my wife and myself. Max got as close as he could get (without breaking the screen) watching the video clips. Gus joins him to see what was up. When Max is not chasing squirrels he enjoys the fish tank and TV.”

We’re also thankful, as always, for cute wheaten Scottish Terrier puppies like Sassy’s brood:

Owner Sindee Hart of Shady Nook Scottie Farm writes:

During a vet visit on Nov 17, we learned that our wheaten Scottie female, Sassy, was going to whelp 7 puppies. Since the sire of this litter is our wheaten male, Red, we knew that there would be 7 beautiful wheaten babies soon. We have several people on a waiting list that were very excited about this litter. On her exact due date of Nov 24, Sassy delivered 7 beautiful babies with absolutely no problems. She sailed thru the delivery in a little over 2 hours, and all the babies are gorgeous – ranging from a dark red wheaten to a light champagne color…. Mom & babies are doing fine – we have attached a picture…. Only one problem – they are ALL BOYS !!
In our experience, and in talking to other breeders, we have not heard of a litter of this size being all boys…. Oh, and everyone on our waiting list wants a girl !!!

From all the Shady Nook Scotties – Have a great holiday season.

Copy that. I’ll think of all you Americans while I’m working. Enjoy your turkey.

Dear readers,

Thank you very much if you’ve contacted me because you were worried. I understand. I always get worried when my favourite bloggers disappear.

I apologize for not letting you know. It’s just that I didn’t plan to disappear. And then, all of a sudden, I realized how much I was enjoying my unplanned break.

The Scottie News will be back. It’s just a matter of when.

Please leave any comments, major breaking Scottish Terrier News, problems, complaints, anything in the comments, or e-mail.

And, again, sorry for going dark without notice.


Westie Wednesday: Another Harry story

Harry, the smelly old West Highland Terrier, is back. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry:

Harry’s allergies have made his hair fall out and his skin turn black in spots. He’s old — we’re not sure how old, as we picked him up from a shelter years ago when he was already over the canine hill. The only time he gets up anymore is to rub his rear end on the carpet. I’d stop him, but it’s the only pleasure he has left in life.

For the longest time, Grandma was just coming by to take Harry for a walk around the neighborhood. She’d stop by every morning, jingle the leash, and Harry, who hates exercise, would shrink in his doggie bed, trying to look invisible. Grandma, who likes exercise and who doesn’t take “no” for an answer, would march over, hook him up and drag him out the door. Literally.

Some mornings, Harry would just roll on his side and refuse to cooperate, and Grandma had to pull so hard I thought his little head would pop off and roll across the carpet.

Read more about Harry.

Bed and Biscuit book features naughty Scottie puppy

Wild Times at the Bed and Biscuit, the second children’s book in an expanding series, features a Scottish Terrier puppy who needs to be trained. Good luck with that, everybody.

Here’s the plot summary:

Ever since Grampa Bender opened his doors (and veterinary skills) to a despondent Canada goose, a cranky muskrat, and two tiny but rebellious fox kits, his animal boarding house has been turned upside down. Luckily, Ernest the mini-pig is on hand to marshal the other animals into being good hosts — but since wild things are, well, wild by nature, it has been trickier than he imagined. Plus Ernest is trying to train Sir Walter, the Scottish terrier puppy who is the newest addition to the family. But what if Sir Walter doesn’t want to be told what to do and decides that running wild like a fox sounds like lots of fun?

Calling all Singapore Scottish Terrier owners

Sheryl in Singapore wants to know if anyone has any tips on where she can find a Wheaten Scottie. She writes:

Your scottish terrier website is absolutely wonderful and really pays tribute to scottie dogs and their lovely owners everywhere. :) My scottie and I hail all the way from sunny Singapore and we enjoy the website immensely.

We’re currently considering getting a wheaten scottie as well but scottie breeders and owners seem to be quite rare in Singapore! If you could put a little shout-out on your website for scottie owners in Singapore to email me, it would be really great. :)

Anyway, here are some photos of my 4-year old black beauty, Abbey. It would be a real treat if you could feature her on the site too! Abbey was re-homed into our family in Feb this year. I doubt if you can tell from these photos but Abbey arrived to us in terrible condition – her hair was falling out in big bunches, she was grossly overweight, and in desperate need of 2 baths and a haircut.

Yes, that really is Abbey above. Looks like Sheryl should consider running some type of rehab clinic. Here’s her address if you know anything about the availability of wheaten Scotties in southeast Asia or if you need a good dog spa:

Scottish Terrier Tributes: Goodbye Mr. Scot

“His name was Mr. Scot. He was a very small, black Scottish terrier who found us 6 months ago. Yesterday, I held him close, his tiny little body all wrapped up in a soft blanket while our veterinarian injected him with the lethal solution that would bring his fragile life to a close. I miss him. I really miss him. He was only with us a short time and I feel his loss, keep looking for him and finding yet again another layer of tears falling down my cheeks. I expect to feel this deeply, and have, at the death of a dog I’ve lived with for years–this has caught me by surprise…”

“Mr. Scot was a mass of matted, dirty black hair that hung over his eyes and touched the ground. I fed the little guy and made him a place to sleep in the garage while Dan drove the terrified rat to his liberation into the county. Once inside and away from fresh air I got a noseful of this unkempt mess of a dog. I’ll never forget exactly how badly he smelled.

“The next day we discovered he had no collar, no microchip, nothing posted online or locally . . . a homeless, filthy dog. Dan wanted me to take him to the animal shelter that very day. I agreed, and added that no matter what–he needed to get cleaned up. He was too matted and dirty for me to do any good–he needed professional services. A groomer in town could take him that very day. When I dropped him off she said, ‘I’ll make him look like a Scottish Terrier again…’

Hours later when I picked him up I was stunned.”

Read the whole story.

Scottish Terrier gifts: Dooney & Bourke bags

I’ve admitted before that I’m not a big fan of Scottish Terrier tchotchkes, but if I were, I’d definitely want one of these Dooney & Bourke Scottie bags. In fact, I sort of do want one, but I’m just not sure I’d ever use it as I am not very good about changing my handbags and this one definitely does not go with everything.

But I digress, if you’re buying a gift for someone who does like Scottie stuff, and you’re feeling generous, I’d say, get one of these.

2013 Update: Dooney & Bourke is no longer making their Scottie bag but there are other great Dooney and Bourke handbags on Amazon.

Scottish Terrier ordered not to bark before Hitler

The newly released documentary Swastika, panned at Cannes in the 1970s for depicting Hitler’s personal life, shows footage of Hitler in the company of a Scottie and other dogs. Reviewer David Wroe writes:

Watching “Swastika” today, it is hard to see Hitler on holiday as anything but quietly malevolent. The scenes in which he makes small talk with colleagues and friends are stiff and awkward. One journalist who saw the Berlin screening swears that even Hitler’s German Shepherd Blonda, not to be confused with the dictator’s other dog Blondi, cringes when he pats her.

Eva Braun, by contrast, is eerily gay and light-hearted. When her pet Scottish terrier, Stasi, begins to bark, she gently chides it by saying: “Stasi, don’t disturb your Führer.”

More on Eva Braun’s Scottish Terriers.

What does a brindle Scottish Terrier look like?

Morris’ mistress Erica says he is the most brindle Scottish Terrier she’s ever seen, and the Scottie News agrees. From the first shot he could be a mini-tiger:

shaved brindle Scottish Terrier
brindle Scottish Terrier
We also featured puppy shots of Morris back when he looked more like a rabbit.