Calling all Singapore Scottish Terrier owners

Sheryl in Singapore wants to know if anyone has any tips on where she can find a Wheaten Scottie. She writes:

Your scottish terrier website is absolutely wonderful and really pays tribute to scottie dogs and their lovely owners everywhere. 🙂 My scottie and I hail all the way from sunny Singapore and we enjoy the website immensely.

We’re currently considering getting a wheaten scottie as well but scottie breeders and owners seem to be quite rare in Singapore! If you could put a little shout-out on your website for scottie owners in Singapore to email me, it would be really great. 🙂

Anyway, here are some photos of my 4-year old black beauty, Abbey. It would be a real treat if you could feature her on the site too! Abbey was re-homed into our family in Feb this year. I doubt if you can tell from these photos but Abbey arrived to us in terrible condition – her hair was falling out in big bunches, she was grossly overweight, and in desperate need of 2 baths and a haircut.

Yes, that really is Abbey above. Looks like Sheryl should consider running some type of rehab clinic. Here’s her address if you know anything about the availability of wheaten Scotties in southeast Asia or if you need a good dog spa:

7 thoughts on “Calling all Singapore Scottish Terrier owners

  1. HI! Abbey is beautiful! I have 4 dogs with me (Shih-tzt+Aust Silky mixed, 2 malteses and a westie) I would love to have a scottish terrier! I am from Malaysia and I have not seen anybody here with a scottie….

    1. Hi! I am Marie and I just adopt a female scottish terrier named Negra. So happy to know other scottist terrier parent here in Sg. Hope I could have a chat with you in the future.

  2. Hi! Wish I could be more of help, but my best guess is to ship from a breeder in the UK or Europe if you can afford it and really want a wheatie.:)


  3. Hi all

    I am looking for a black Scottie– my neighbor has one. what’s the difference between a Wheaton Scottie and just a Scottie– anyone know where to get one?

    1. The only difference is the colour.

      Some people, however, confuse wheaten Scotties and West Highland terriers.

      I believe you’re in Singapore. If this is the case, you might have to have a dog flown in from Australia or New Zealand if you do decide that a Scottish Terrier is the right dog for you.

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