Dear readers,

Thank you very much if you’ve contacted me because you were worried. I understand. I always get worried when my favourite bloggers disappear.

I apologize for not letting you know. It’s just that I didn’t plan to disappear. And then, all of a sudden, I realized how much I was enjoying my unplanned break.

The Scottie News will be back. It’s just a matter of when.

Please leave any comments, major breaking Scottish Terrier News, problems, complaints, anything in the comments, or e-mail.

And, again, sorry for going dark without notice.


11 thoughts on “Dear readers,

  1. Not exactly breaking news but…Kmart has cute Scottie Christmas Ornaments & Scottie Ribbon this season.

  2. OMG! So sad. I love this site Ann! I live for it.Of course it's understandable if you want a break, it's your time. It's just a little sad. But happy peace, and say hi to Bridget. Oh well, Christmas shopping season anyway, might as well make the most of this non computer sucking time…..

  3. Thank you Ann for letting us know. I was beginning to think there were computer "issues." Of course you deserve to rest. We (Angus and Ozzie too) will wait for your return!! Enjoy.

  4. Goes to show how addictive your blog is to us Scottie People…! All our clan hope you're enjoying your break!
    Laura, Teagan & Ceilidh!

  5. Missing you and this blog, but get yourself a break. May-be you could ask people here to take over for a week or so and 'cover' for you in the future? Or pehaps we could all agree to send in something each? I must admit I love my daily visits… but I could handle a weekly update in the future??? Anyways, don't be pushin yourself, life and family (including one's Scottie) are too precious to stress out and miss through overwork.
    Tegan and Kirk

  6. I do miss you very much and hope you will return soon. Oh, there are really cute flannel Scottie pajamas at JC Penney's and more expensive ones at Dillards! Scotties just love Christmas, don't they?

  7. Ann I'm so glad everything is OK and miss your blog! Enjoy your rest and come back when you're ready. Here's a little piece of news – well, it was news to me, anyway. There is an annual Scottish Walk in Alexandria, VA, and Scottie dogs are featured, along with bagpipes, etc. It looks interesting – takes place next Saturday. Here's the link.

  8. Welcome back Ann (and Brigit). I was so excited to see your post this morning (Thanksgiving Day, in the US); how appropriate you would return today. Hope all is well. Kathy, Ozzie (the Westie), and Angus from Pittsburgh.

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