Do miniature/ teacup Scottish Terriers exist? No

You cannot get a living miniature or teacup Scottish Terrier. There is only one known record of a teacup Scottie dog. The smallest Scottish Terriers weigh in at about 14 pounds or 6 kilos.

12 thoughts on “Do miniature/ teacup Scottish Terriers exist? No

  1. My precious Elliott Monroe weighs 12.6 pounds and what a joy to behold! What he lacks in size, he makes up for in spunk, bark, and self-confidence. He's a silver chiffon brindle with a nice, harsh coat. His heritage is British! He struts around here like he owns the place — and you know what — he does! LOL!

  2. I have a scottie, he is 7wks old and thru and thru a scottie but only weighs 455 grams!! He eats very well and plays and everything is in porportion. He was exceptionially small from birth. So, I think the first miniature scottie is on the way!

  3. Friend of mine has a miniature terrier; fits in the palm of your hand. would love to have one!

  4. where can I find a mjni toy or small scottish terrier breeder? Something less than 15 pounds so I can travel with them

  5. My Sasha – The granddaughter of Junior – Head of the family, is 22 months 12.9 pounds , she is a true scottie and a joy for us .
    My 5 scotties are normal size , she was breeded with other friend’ s female scottie.

  6. My friend has a mini scottie. Weighs about 12 lbs. Very well proportioned and spunky. I suppose if we start getting these mini scotties together and breed them there will be more.

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