Does this mean David Cook has given up his dog?

An interviewer asks the American Idol about his Scottish Terrier, Dublin:

PJS: Does your dog tour with you?

He did, and then we were in New York and he got a little anxious while I was out and destroyed my hotel room. My dog’s way more rock star than I could ever be. He’s back in Kansas City, my little brother takes care of him. He did everything short of gluing the furniture on the ceiling. I just walked in and was like, ‘Damn.’

Hmm, maybe Cook will take Dublin back when the tour’s over.

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6 thoughts on “Does this mean David Cook has given up his dog?

  1. OK I have to admit I can't be bothered to look at the videos again to see how Cook got Dublin but really, are we surprised at the outcome? Either he was an impulse buy or a gift from some admirer and didn't get enough attention and the upheaval of a transient, show biz lifestyle is not for any dog let alone Scottie! HeLLo, that is not rock star attitude tearing up your hotel room – that's a neglected dog!! Poor Dublin. 🙁

  2. The dog lives in David's house with his younger brother, where he's probably better than the tour bus. David will get back to Dublin next month. He's not going on tour till late next year, so that should give Dublin plenty of time to get a bit more mature and maybe be there for David's next tour in a year. But David loves this dog, he's obviously not giving up on him, just has him with his brother where Dublin doesn't have anxiety attacks, cause he's still very young.

  3. Hmmm…I'd have loved to have had a dog over the last 20 odd years, but knowing that I couldn't give it a proper home, I went without.

    2 years ago things changed, and our wee girl came into our lifes, but only because we could give her a proper home.

  4. I had to wait until I was a married woman with a home to get my first Scottish Terrier. I quit my secretary job to stay home and raise the Scottie for six months. I'm so annoyed that DC left his pup in his hotel room — duh! Then had the nerve to be angry becuz puppie chewed and made a mess. Like DC couldn't afford a petsitter!! Puppies will be puppies. Poor Dublin. I WAS a DC cook fan; no more. Here's hoping his brother will get attached to Dublin and give him a more stable routine. Scotties are a privilege to have in one's life.

  5. Even if he couldn't hire a petsitter to come on tour with him, there's this thing called a crate. It's purpose is to keep things like this from happening! And it would have given him some consistency on the road…

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