Scottish Terrier ordered not to bark before Hitler

The newly released documentary Swastika, panned at Cannes in the 1970s for depicting Hitler’s personal life, shows footage of Hitler in the company of a Scottie and other dogs. Reviewer David Wroe writes:

Watching “Swastika” today, it is hard to see Hitler on holiday as anything but quietly malevolent. The scenes in which he makes small talk with colleagues and friends are stiff and awkward. One journalist who saw the Berlin screening swears that even Hitler’s German Shepherd Blonda, not to be confused with the dictator’s other dog Blondi, cringes when he pats her.

Eva Braun, by contrast, is eerily gay and light-hearted. When her pet Scottish terrier, Stasi, begins to bark, she gently chides it by saying: “Stasi, don’t disturb your Führer.”

More on Eva Braun’s Scottish Terriers.

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  1. Stop with the Hitler/Scottie stories already!!!!! Who at this website has a Nazi obsession? One more Hitler/Scottie story and I’m unsubscribing to your newsletter.

    1. The Hitler story came up automatically due to my Related Posts plug-in.

      Maybe it’s the people at Related Posts who have a Hitler obsession, given that there was nothing in the Amazon post related to Hitler.

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