Scottish Terrier stars on BBC show on opera-singing dogs

Basil, the opera-singing Scottish Terrier, starred on the BBC’s Graham Norton Show yesterday, stealing the spotlight from Welsh classical singer, Dame Katherine Jenkins with whom he performed a duet. Two other opera-singing dogs were also featured, but they did not have a starring role.

Given that the Scottish Terrier and Dog News has its world headquarters in Toronto, Canada, the staff was extremely proud to see Basil perform on cue despite rather disparaging remarks made about both him and our home and native land by the host.

Bravo, Basil, you shone. And we’re proud to say we knew you back when.

We sort of which we’d know Harry before he hit it big too.

Oh, and bravo to Basil’s rock star-like owner while we’re at it.

5 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier stars on BBC show on opera-singing dogs

  1. I think this episode is going to air on BBC America, should be Sat. at 10pm EST. But I think we've already seen the highlight.

    I didn't catch disparaging remark about Canada, unless it was in connection with suggestion that singing for a dog from Canada was a comedown after Babs's birthday party…actually that is harsh.

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