Scottish Terrier Tributes: Goodbye Mr. Scot

“His name was Mr. Scot. He was a very small, black Scottish terrier who found us 6 months ago. Yesterday, I held him close, his tiny little body all wrapped up in a soft blanket while our veterinarian injected him with the lethal solution that would bring his fragile life to a close. I miss him. I really miss him. He was only with us a short time and I feel his loss, keep looking for him and finding yet again another layer of tears falling down my cheeks. I expect to feel this deeply, and have, at the death of a dog I’ve lived with for years–this has caught me by surprise…”

“Mr. Scot was a mass of matted, dirty black hair that hung over his eyes and touched the ground. I fed the little guy and made him a place to sleep in the garage while Dan drove the terrified rat to his liberation into the county. Once inside and away from fresh air I got a noseful of this unkempt mess of a dog. I’ll never forget exactly how badly he smelled.

“The next day we discovered he had no collar, no microchip, nothing posted online or locally . . . a homeless, filthy dog. Dan wanted me to take him to the animal shelter that very day. I agreed, and added that no matter what–he needed to get cleaned up. He was too matted and dirty for me to do any good–he needed professional services. A groomer in town could take him that very day. When I dropped him off she said, ‘I’ll make him look like a Scottish Terrier again…’

Hours later when I picked him up I was stunned.”

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5 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier Tributes: Goodbye Mr. Scot

  1. Oh that was sad…but what a joyous portrait of a Scottie too! They all have so much to give.

    Where is Nance located btw? I've never forgotten about that lost Scottie in NC (Jack?) Just wondered…

  2. well – yes it is heartbreaking to live besides a hero. but all we scottieowner do have that honour.
    it is a great gift .

  3. Could not read the rest of the story, how do I write to the blogger to ask for an invitation?

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